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You can now shop in Stock and Pre Order Irish Railway Models items at Accurascale
You can now shop in Stock and Pre Order Irish Railway Models items at Accurascale

Flexible Instalment options

Here at accurascale we believe in delivering the highest detailed, most faithfully definitive versions of all of our models, and our passion for detail and ease for the user extends into the financial side of our business too.

For all locomotives (and larger packs) we offer the option to just pay a nominal deposit of £30 to secure your order, with the balance not due until we are ready to ship. You can always pay in full up front should you prefer.

We offer three very flexible ways for you to order the models you want without having to break the bank all at once, depending on the stage the model is at.

1 - Option 1, is PayPal Credit and is ideal for spreading the cost of items that are in stock, as you get the goods right away. 

Available to UK resident customers, and subject to terms and conditions, think of it as a Credit Card, without the card.

You choose PayPal Credit as your payment method at the checkout, go through a quick application process (takes no more than 10 minutes) and once approved, you have a credit limit you can use to buy at most stores that take PayPal. 0% interest for 4 months is available on single transactions of £99 or more, allowing you to spread the cost of in-stock items over 4 months without paying any fees, but you get the items right away.

PayPal Credit

2 - The second option is for models that are in pre-order phase! We offer quick, easy Direct Debit options, powered by GoCardless. This option allows you to spread the cost of your order over the amount of time before the goods come into stock, and make payments that suit you on a weekly or monthly basis (based on amount, or number of payments).

This option provides a lot of flexibility, so to avail, follow this simple process:
  • Order the items you wish (keeping the same lines together in single orders) and choosing the 'PAY IN FULL' options where deposits are available
  • At the checkout, choose Direct Debit as the payment method
Once you have the order completed, drop us a line or pop into LiveChat support to let us know you'd like to set up instalments and we'll sort out the amount, frequency and amount of time you'd like to pay over.
Please note that we can't offer Direct Debit instalments for In Stock items.

    GoCardless Direct Debit

    3 - finally, as well as the automated Direct debit instalment option, we also offer the flexibility to make period payments using PayPal, Bank Transfer and Credit/debit card as suits, to work down a balance before the items arrive into stock.

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