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All We Need Is Power.

It is great to see these being made as I have the old RPSI coach set, but I would like to see the generator van made too as it is an integral part of the rake.

Great service

Another bus to my collection very happy with the service from Irish railways models.
Will be buying again.


Beautiful product delivered on time and very well packed
Tom Mc Carthy

The Scalia T Cab Box Trailer

This impressive vehicle in the iconic red and logo of Coca Cola really stands out. The red colour was established when the barrels of bottles were originally painted red so tax agents could distinguish them from alcohol. This is a classic piece that is finished to a very high standard. It will definitely brighten up whatever part of your landscape layout you place it in. And for the ‘little ones’, as Santa is displayed, maybe it will transport the toys home for Christmas. Overall highly recommended and again excellent service from IRM.

Great Model.

I’d be collecting model buses for a few years, I always seem to miss out on the unique models on this site, but something told me to check it out, & I’m glad I did, picking up RV330 on the 14A to ballinteer, & it’s a brilliant bus, I’ll definitely be buying more.

A brilliant model

A great accessory for the forthcoming layout!

Tara Mines Ore Wagon - Pack G

Fine detailed wagons, a nice addition to any Irish layout, well packaged and promptly delivered.

Fantastic model

Excellent Model

Excellent model by Britbus for IRM. It a shame they don’t more Irish buses.
This is an upmarket model with plenty of detail, for the collector or someone involved in the Irish scene.

A30 A class loco

A30 A Class loco

CIE/IR Gypsum Ore Wagon - Triple Pack D

I love it,sounds so good.

MCW Metrorider - Dublin Bus Route 202

MCW Metrorider - Dublin Bus Route 202


Another excellent addition to the railway forecourt. Turning memories into reality. Well done to all in IRM….

Deliveries to Australia

The postage and packaging were super quick and very reasonable. Great customer service.

Five star

Superb quality chip

Green Goddess number plate

Excellent model
Shame it had a GB number plate instead of Irish plate
Otherwise super job

To clarify, the number plate is indeed British, but fully accurate to the real thing.


Excellent quality but very easy to break the small parts
removing it from packaging!

Great sounds

Great selection of quality sounds that bring the locomotive to life

My third A class

Having already bought A39 and A56 I persuaded myself to buy A55, partly because I have been in the real A55 at ****’s Kitchen, and also because I had a cab ride in A39 at Downpatrick whilst it was in black livery. All three are excellent models, very sturdy and good runners at all speeds. Detail is good but consequently models need careful handling.
The speakers are of sufficient size and quality to give a good sound range. The horn sounds are excellent and “start up”, acceleration and deceleration impressive. I particular like the braking sound when slowing to a stop. Finally I much appreciate not having to remove the loco body to instal or exchange decoders. Just pre ordered deltic with sound from Accurascale/ IRM

A Class Locos A42 Green

I Saw A loco in this Colour Scheme At Ashtown Level Crossing A few Short Months Before I Started School in St John Bosco Boys National School Kinvara I was aged four and a Half at the Time in 1965 my Dad asked the man at the level Crossing where was the train Coming From Sligo to Conolly he replied Just then a Rake of green Carriges with Irish Snail logo probably pulled By A42 Ran Across the level Crossing Towards Dublin City Great loco and nice work of Art well worth the money and owning for nostalgia purposes

Excellent model. Very well done.

A Very Extinguished Model

Excuse the chronic pun in the title but this model is superb. Crisp clear lettering and fine detail. Full marks!

Superb Model

These are super models of the Class A. Another class act from Irish Railway Models, so if you’re modelling the Irish scene or you just require a quality model, these are for you, but they sell out fast.

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