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A Class - EMD Sound Decoder

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LokSound V5 DCC Sound Chip

Designed specifically for the Irish Railway Models A Class locomotive, this decoder works seamlessly with the onboard lighting, PowerPack stay-alive system and dual speaker configuration to reproduce the characteristic sound and function of an EMD engined A class at work.

Click here to download the list of functions [PDF]

This chip is the perfect companion for the EMD Engined versions being produced, which are:

  • 007
  • 017
  • 018
  • A23R
  • 027
  • 036
  • A39R
  • 048
  • 054
  • 056

Common Features:

  • The LokSound 5 decoder works for analogue DC and AC (!) layouts.


    The LokSound 5 decoder can reproduce up to 10 channels simultaneously. Each channel offers up to 16 Bit / 31250 kHz and thus we have finally achieved hi-fi sound quality on your layout. For all practical purposes one cannot detect any difference to the original. A class D audio power amplifier with up to 3W output power feeds the speakers with a permitted impedance of 4 – 32 Ohms. The huge 128 MBit sound memory assures sufficient storage capacity.

    The volume of all individual sound fragments may be adjusted separately. The outstandingly flexible sound engine without a rigid flow chart facilitates a prototypical simulation of all conceivable rail vehicles. Three separately adjustable braking functions and two alternative load scenarios provide you with maximum control of your vehicles.


    We are quite aware that you want your locomotives to be as realistic as possible. Therefore we have packed many function outputs into it.  Subject to the type of interface every LokSound 5 has at least 10 amplified outputs. The decoders with PluX22 or 21MTC interface have an additional 4 outputs for controlling servos or as logic outputs. Of course, all important lighting functions are supported. The brightness of each output may be adjusted separately. The decoder supports the automatic push and pull movements – known as the coupler waltz - required for reliable operation of digital couplers such as the ones by ROCO® and Krois® as well as Telex® couplers.

    Motor control

    Motor control of the LokSound 5 has been further improved. A variable PWM pulse frequency ranging from 10 kHz to 50 kHz assures perfect silent operation, particularly for coreless motors. Thus the typical hum is a thing of the past. Load control can now be adjusted with up to 10 separate CVs and thus will manage even the most difficult cases. The unique “Auto Tune” function facilitates the automatic calibration of the decoder to perfectly match the motor. The LokSound 5 decoder supplies up to 1.5A motor current, which is quite sufficient even for older motor types.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
EMD LokSound for Class A 056 Model

I love it, what more can i say. Its easy to install and operate once you have the right train controller software.

Tom Nilan
A Class Sound Quality

The EMD Sound Decoder fitted to the new A Class gets an “A” from me. I think it’s excellent 😃

Nick Manley
A sound choice.

Sound fitting is a snap thanks to the easy access removable roof panel and pre-installed speakers. Nice sound quality and volume. Not cheap but considering there are two quality speakers and wiring are already installed when manufactured, it makes it all quite a bargain. Recommended!

jason o driscoll
A Class and decoder

I bought an A Class recently from IRM. And ordered a sound decoder few days later both arrived in great time. Well packaged.

Derek Brown
Excellent sound

The A class and decoder are exceptional. The detail of the model is second to none runs smoothly. The decoder sounds are excellent adds greatly to my layout. Well done IRM. Another great release. Keep up the good work!

Richard Brennan

Great sound and functionality. Shunting light mode a nice feature. Station announcements are also
a nice addition.

Thomas McCann


John Nee

A Class - EMD Sound Decoder

Gary Delaney
A class emd decoder

Top class decoder, smashing sound functions, brilliant all round functions, all of which worked first time 👍👍👍

Ken Wilson

Very happy with this model, well detailed and accessing the inner workings for the chip is brilliant, the others can learn from this . Very happy with my model and it not only looks good but sounds good to .

Welcome Newcomer